What up its ya dude, HVYRBL ( Heavy Rebel Beats) on the track. I’m going to cut to the chase, I grew up listening to Rap/Hip Hop my whole life. Making music is my outlet period, you can hear my influences through my music, but I’ll tell you my major influences. My favorite producer growing up was Lil Jon, I always had a strong connection to Southern Rap and Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz was definitely a  genre in hip hop. Another favorite producer of mine will be Timbaland,  and Dr. Dre.

I first started making music while I was in college and fell in love with the art.

If you listen to my beats, I hope now that you’ll hear my main influences who paved the way for hip hop for generations to come. I usually throw elements from 90’s dance samples, hard-hitting 808 Kicks and add electronic synths to add an energetic wave of sound to my beats. I’ll usually  add a reverb  effect to my mid-high sounds to add a mysterious and powerful aura to my music. I do that to grasp my audience and submerge my listeners so they can lose themselves through my music.  I enjoy the elements of the beat over the beat itself and try to leverage a sound that exudes uniqueness. Okay, I tried to be all poetic haha, but that’s how I really feel.

I hope you can appreciate and enjoy my music more, now that you know a little about my background.

Heavy Rebel Beats


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